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Australia and Oceania Casinos

Australia dominates in gambling industry in Oceania / Australasia with the largest number of casinos in the region: it has 17 casinos and 19470 slots.

While planning a trip around Australia, don't forget to visit Melbourne, Victoria, where the Crown Entertainment Complex, the largest Oceania / Australasia casino, is located. Here visitors are offered 350 table games and 5000 casino slots.

Gambling in Australia casinos

Though Australia presents the main part of Oceania, there are casinos in the other countries of this continent. Take casinos in New Zealand for instance.

Casinos in Oceania

One can find a number of fun activities and casinos in the floating sea city of Oceania. Australia, New Zealand, all the islands of the South and the Central Pacific and sometimes the Malay Archipelago form Oceania. So, considering the geography of this continent, casinos here are prevalent abroad cruise ships, extremely popular nowadays. However there are still some land casinos too.

Where to gamble in Oceania

Famous Oceania Cruises are now rapidly developing cruise line. It includes the popular Nautica and Regatta. It is a great pleasure to enjoy gambling at a casino with 36 slots and 5 table games, which is an Oceania cruise ship Insignia, Miami, Florida. The Century casino may serve another example. It is connected with Oceania cruises by the casino concession agreement and operates on two of the Oceania cruises vessels. Up to 2053 passengers can travel aboard at a time over the seven seas, enjoying 200 gamming positions such as Blackjack, Roulette, slots and, of course, poker.

Oceania poker and poker in Australia

It comes as no surprise that almost all Oceania gambling spots offer poker. Here are the most popular joints:

  • New Zealand: Dunedin casino and Christchurch casino
  • Vanuatu: Le Meridien Port Villa Resort and Casino

If you enjoy playing poker, it will be appositely to mention, that the Crown Australia poker championship, one of the world's top multi-million dollar poker event, is taking place at Crown casino, Melbourne, January 2006.

Pari-mutuel wagering in Australia is extremely developed generating approximately $7.3 billion US dollars in annual revenue. There are 76 tracks in New South Wales, while the Australian capital territory has only one track. Here betting is done on horse or other races and the winners split the total amount after subtracting the management and other expenses.

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