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About Us

Hello, my name is Oleg. I was searching across the web, trying out different online casinos, betting on sports, horses, reading game rules, tips, other game information. And suddenly I realized that there was no really good Internet resource dedicated to gambling that would help me, or others out there just like me who wanted to play games online.

I did find there are many sites that either promote sites with those annoying pop-ups or banners and there are other sites where you can play games but you don?t get information about the games, payouts or bonuses. Some sites only offer information such as There are no resources for people like me. I know there are other people out there who want to get gambling information and play at the online casinos as well. They want to get game rules and find casinos in which they can play and have a good time. I am going to do something about all this! I have dedicated myself to providing a mixture of information, the games, and the payout systems.


I decided to created a useful gambling resource based on my experience in not being able to find the casino information I wanted, so me and my friends can play casino games without the pop ups, the banner ads and without all the hassle. I finally did it. I bought a domain name that is used for promotion of casinos only and started to create my site. Many of my friends were willing to help me in gathering the information that I needed and we have been working at it ever since.

Our designer.

I have found a designer who has done work for me in the past. You can reach him at andrew AT I would like to thank Anton for all the work you did for . A designer is the backbone of every website, so that not only players can enjoy the games, but those who want to find information can do so without problems in finding those pages.

Our programmer

I have found a programmer named Andrew. He has created guest book, a feedback form and many more. He really has made the casino site one that is enjoyable for me and my friends, but for also people just like you who are reading this page, who want to use web pages where the best programming has been put into effect. If you want to talk with my programmer you can reach him at andrew AT I would like to thank Andrew for all the code you wrote for it is all working out so well!

Internet resources we used

I used many online resources while creating this site. As with all types of online web content some has been used from other places, and I do not claim any rights on the texts that are included on these pages. When I use information from other sources, I always include the link to source(s), I used in case there are questions about where I really obtained my information. My resource information includes:

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