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Africa?s Largest Casino

With 37599 slot machines and 44 casinos the country of South Africa is a leader in the gambling industry in Africa

South Africa is home to GrandWest Casino and Entertainment World, Cape Town, which is considered to be the largest casino in the continent of Africa, offering 60 table games and 3500 casino slot machines.

African casinos and where to gamble in Africa

A significant part of Africa?s economy is tourism. And tourists do like gambling! That is why casinos and other gambling facilities are rapidly developing here and the growth is faster than ever in Africa. Currently one can choose from 100?s of casinos, and you might wish to note that the concentration of casinos falls on Egypt having about 20 casinos and South Africa with more than 40 casinos to gamble at.

African countries popular among gamblers

Traveling around Africa you can gamble in Botswana, Cameroon, Egypt, Ghana, Namibia, Morocco, Zimbabwe and Uganda to name a few. There are three operations of the Raineau group, an international group of gaming and resorts, in Egypt. Concerning Botswana one can find 8 casinos operating in the country, including the two largest: the grand palm and the Gaborone Sun.

Pari-mutuel wagering in Africa

Speaking of pari-mutuel wagering, one should know that the bets are basically among the players, i.e. against each other, and not against the house. The betting level on each entry sets the odds. Such kind of wagering is often coupled with horse or dog racing. In fact it can be applied to a great variety of other events as well. In sub-Saharan Africa only the Ivory Coast lottery uses information technology in the PMU system. At other places the process is still done by hand. Also worthy of notice is the fact that all pari-mutuel bets in South Africa are joined to form single national pools with the banner of Saftote.

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