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Asia Casinos

Largest Casino in Central Asia

In Central Asia Kazakhstan, with its 28 casinos and 190 slots, happened to have more gambling facilities than any other country in the region.

Grand Casino is the largest casino in the continent of Central Asia. It is located in Ashgabat, Turkmenistan, and offers 13 table games and 150 casino slots and video terminal gaming machines.

Central Asian casinos and where to gamble at in Central Asia

Like in any part of the world casinos in Central Asia enjoy wide popularity. You'll find gambling facilities in India, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Nepal, China, Bhutan, Russia and Kazakhstan. Besides legal casinos there are casinos without licenses, which are popular and visited by many as well. Here is the industry overview.

Far East Asia Casinos

10 countries of Far East Asia have casinos, while pari-mutuel facilities can be found only in 5 countries. Gamblers can enjoy wagering at horse racing and dog racing as well as slots and video poker terminals in these countries. Macau dominates in the number of casinos in Far East Asia, having 26 casinos and 1819 slot machines.

With 426 table games and 3140 gaming machines, Casino de Genting located in Genting Highlands, Malaysia is by right considered to be the largest casino in the continent of Far East Asia.

Japan, is intended to raise the popularity of casinos and gambling. Currently the country has the largest number of pachislo and pachinko machines - about 5 million. For comparison the worldwide figures are 2.4 million. Gambling industry in Japan generates roughly $10 billion US dollars in annual revenue.

Foreign gamblers are also welcomed in North Korea. The reason may be that Pyongyang aims to attract foreign investors to the Shinuiju Special Administrative Region. During the next five years North Korea plans to receive about $150 billion through finance centers, casinos and international logistics facilities

Gambling in China is not yet legal and therefore over 100 Chinese daily cross the border to gamble in Korea, however in that way they present the main customers at Korean casinos.

Largest Casino in Middle East

Israel dominates in the Middle East gambling facilities having 4 casinos and 63 slots.

With 365 slots and 57 table games, Casino du Liban in Jounieh is The largest casino in the continent of Middle East

Like all over the world in the Middle East casinos are rather developed. The main customers here are tourists and rich sheikhs. There are different opinions about what countries make up the modern definition of the Middle East. For sure Egypt, Saudi, Israel, UAE, Syria, Yemen, Kuwait, Lebanon, Iran, Libya, Jordan and Iraq are in this list. The northern African countries from Mediterranean Sea basin can be also included.

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