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About Bingo

Bingo is a game where numbers are selected out of a machine and are matched to those numbers on the player?s cards. The first person to have the numbers on the card form a specific pattern is the winner and then calls out ?Bingo? to notify the other players. Bingo is a form of legalized gambling in many countries.

History of Bingo

The history of bingo dates back to 1530, where an Italian lottery call ?Lo Giuoco del Lotto D?Italia?. In Italy bingo is still played there every Saturday evening. In the late 1770?s, the game of bingo was then introduced to France but was called ?Le Lotto? which was played among wealthy Frenchmen. In the 1800?s the Germans also played a variant of bingo but was used as a children?s game to help them learn math, spelling and history.

In 1929, bingo finally reach the North America and became known as ?beano?. The game of ?beano? was the first to be introduced to a carnival near Atlanta Georgia . After someone accidentally yelled ?bingo? rather than ?beano? it was renamed by a toy salesman named Edwin S. Lowe. After doing so he hired a professor named Carl Leffler that helped him increase the number of combinations Leffler had invented over 6,000 different kinds of bingo cards.

Lowe was approached by a Catholic priest from Pennsylvania about the use of bingo as a way to raise church funds. By 1934, more than 10,000 weekly bingo games were being played and up until today more that $90 million dollars are being spent each week in North America alone.

Bingo Variants

  • Bovine bingo

This type of bingo has been a very popular way for charitable organization to raise money as a fundraiser.

Bovine bingo is a form of lottery rather than a bingo. Using an enclosed land area, such as a corral or farm field. You mark off a grid of rectangles using chalking lines. Each rectangle will be numbered then chances are sold on each rectangle shaped plot. When the plots are sold off you let loose a cow to graze in the enclosed area. If the cow dumps a load of manure on your plot you win.

Other common names for this game are ?Cowpie Bingo?, ?Fertilizer Lotto?, ?Cow Patty Bingo?, or ?Bossy Bongo.?

  • Buzzword bingo otherwise known as bullshit bingo

This game of bingo is played at team meetings as a way of relaxing. The rules of bingo are similar to this game. The difference being the no numbered cards are used, instead a card with buzzwords is used. The player will cross off a buzzword as he hears it mentioned at the meeting. The player to make a full line wins.

The first time this type of bingo was documented was 1996. The Vice President of the United States , Al Gore, spoke at MIT?s graduation. The audience each received a buzzword card.

Bullshit bingo is a similar game that is played for mocking or sarcastic reasoning.
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