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Bingo rules

The game we now know as Bingo derived from an ancient game called Lotto that was played in Italy in 1530. The game switched a bit through out the years and later became known as Beano, a popular game that was played in the 1920?s that is much like today?s Bingo only beans where used to cover up the numbers on the playing card. The name Bingo resulted out of a mistake that someone made while yelling Beano. The person was said to have been so excited to see that they had the winning numbers that in the excitement yelled out Bingo instead of beano and it just stuck.

Bingo has had a few alterations from the time it first got its name till today; however, it still has certain things that have not changed. Bingo still remains a game of chance that consists of randomly selected numbers that eventually lead to a winning pattern. Each player holds a unique 5 x 5 card that is gridded and has random numbers printed on it. Whoever marks off all the selected numbers in the drawings and achieves the winning pattern must yell out BINGO in order to win the game.

There are, however, a few differences that were made to the game like the fact that there are fewer numbers to be selected from then before. Now American Bingo uses numbers one to seventy-five and in British and Australian Bingo the numbers go up to ninety. Also, each gridded card has 25 spaces consisting of 24 numbers and a blank space. The numbers on the cards each have a letter designated to them by way of vertical lines. For example, the first five numbers in the first line each hold a letter ?B? in front of them such as B-13, likewise the second line holds the letter ?I? in front of the number, the third line holds a letter ?N? and holds a blank where the fifth number would be, the fourth line has a ?G? in front of the number and the last line holds an ?O? spelling out BINGO. The letter B is designated to the numbers 1-15, the letter I is designated to the numbers 16-30, the letter N is designated to the numbers 31-45, the letter G is designated to the numbers 46-60 and lastly, the letter O is designated to the numbers 61-75. When the numbers are randomly drawn and the first person marks out the word B-I-N-G-O on their card with either horizontal, vertical or diagonal lines and yells out Bingo, then the numbers stop being drawn and that person wins that game. There are other patterns that can be chosen for certain games but they will always be displayed before any game begins.

Players don?t have to be afraid that someone else might have their same card and yell out bingo with them because cards are now designed to be completely original and unduplicated. This means that out of a 6000 paper card batch, there are no repeated cards. Batches are usually made in 6000 or 9000 increments.

Bingo has been used throughout the years as a form of legal gambling where gambling is not permitted. Also, places to remote to have a huge, overly priced casino, will usually have a place where people can gather together and play Bingo. This is often seen in small towns where Bingo is used as a form of leisure activity. There are no real rules to Bingo and the only thing people really have to keep in mind is to be very alert when the numbers are being called because the person who draws the numbers draws very fast and you want to make sure you don?t miss a potential win. Bingo is a game of chance and does not have any type of skill strategies to it so the next time you want to have a little fun, try your neighborhood Bingo.
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