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Blackjack rules

Twenty-one, better known as Blackjack, is a game of skill and luck combined that can prove very lucrative for the player who holds the right strategies which can be acquired by many books written by professionals in the field. However, skill is not really the point of Blackjack. The whole point of the game is to reach twenty-one in your cards without going over. The cards that are from 1-10 each hold their number value while the face cards (the Kings, the Queens and the Jacks) are each worth ten points. The special card in Blackjack is the Ace which is worth 1 or 11, whichever is more beneficial for the player. The best card combination a player can achieve is an ace with any face card, this combination is called a Blackjack and is an automatic win unless the dealer holds the same value which would make it a push, which means that neither the player nor the dealer win. Blackjack can only be acquired in the two first cards that are dealt to a player, if not then it would be a regular twenty-one win.

Blackjack is one of the most popular gambling games out there. At the casino there are many blackjack tables holding bets at any given time. Each table consists of one dealer and can seat approximately six people. Multiple decks are used to deal because of something called card counting. Card counting is a strategy that is looked down upon by casinos and anyone who practices card counting and is caught doing it will be banned from casinos. Players became familiar with this technique years ago when multi decks were not as popular to use. Because one card is always dealt face up in the original deal and those subsequent to it are as well, a player found that they could increase their chances of winning by keeping track of the cards (or counting the cards) that were already dealt and estimating the probabilities of those cards which remain. This skill becomes increasingly more difficult as the deck multiplies and therefore makes it harder to count. Most casinos now use between 6 decks to 8 decks of cards. Some may use more or less but this is an average.

In order to participate in the game, players must place their bets before any cards are dealt. After the game starts a player will have two choices. They can either stay with the amount that was dealt to them in the first hand or they can ask for more cards in an effort to reach as close to twenty-one as possible without going over or busting as it is called. If no one in the game has a blackjack or twenty-one, then the person who has the amount closest to twenty-one wins that game and another bet is taken. When a tie is held with the dealer, then that is the only time that a bet is returned to a player. Those players who bust are obviously out of the game and lose their money but the player also has the chance to fold if they feel that their chances of winning are low and a raise in the bets is being asked for which would put them at risk to lose more money.

Payouts are determined by type of win and may also vary from casino to casino. Some casinos may pay 2 to 1 on Blackjack, whereas others may pay 1.5 to 1 or something higher perhaps. It is important for the player to know how much the payouts are, at the particular casino they are gambling at. Online casinos follow the same basic rules but make sure you are well informed before you begin to wager any amount of money on any game.

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