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Casino Bonus Types

Many online casinos offer bonuses to the players - certain amounts of money that the casinos credit your account with. Receiving these bonuses you usually have an opportunity to pick your desired currency between US dollar, Euro and British Pound. There exist several forms of bonuses; the prevalent are Sign Up bonus, Deposit bonus (or ?extra money bonus?), and Referral bonus (or ?invite a friend bonus?).

In general casino bonuses can be divided into to two main categories - welcome (or first deposit) bonuses and loyalty bonuses.

  • Welcome online casino bonuses is a way of saying ?Welcome! Enjoy playing at our online casino site!? As it follows from the title of this bonus kind, they are given to the first time players
  • In order to reward and encourage loyal, long-playing gamblers at the site casinos use loyalty bonuses, as saying ?Thank you for choosing our casino and giving us your patronage?

Since now you are aware of the two main kinds of bonus systems used at online casino sites, it will be easier for you to make a choice.

Sign up bonus

Once you sign up and make your first deposit, you get a sign up bonus - certain amount of money deposited into your online account. Depending on the casino, it can be a flat amount or some percentage of your initial deposit.

Deposit bonus

Another type of bonuses is deposit bonus. It mainly awards your online casino account with some percentage (commonly 10%-15%) of your deposit. The advantage of this bonus is that you get it each and every time you make a deposit into your casino account.

Referral bonus.

This type of bonuses awards your casino account with a certain amount of money (usually ranging from $30 to $70) for each friend of yours that is referred by you and ends up playing at the online casino.

No Deposit Bonus

The first thing to do in order to start gambling in an online casino is to open an account. You use the account to deposit money for gambling and also to get bonuses. In some casinos players are offered a no deposit bonus, a bonus you get without making any deposit. An online casino account is like your wallet: when you purchase chips, you pay from your account; when you win, the prize funds are automatically credited to your account. Now some casinos use a no deposit bonus to attract players. It may come in a form of a certain amount of money added to you deposit, or it may be a percentage of it. This additional money casino credits to your account as a bonus.

Reload Bonus

Reload bonuses are usually offered to players who already have accounts and are playing for real money. These are special online casino marketing tricks aimed at encouraging gamblers with real-money accounts to play more games and consequently deposit more funds. However this offer is good not only for those whose accounts have run short, but for all players. Typically, the bonus relies on the amount of money you have in your casino account. Basically, it averages 15 - 20% of your fund and has its top of $100 or so.

A Reload bonus is primarily designed for returning players, who have opened an online casino account and have met all the conditions applicable to get the bonus. So, their accounts are credited with additional money to stimulate future deposits.

High Roller

High Roller casinos are top-rated first class online gambling facilities. They operate smoothly and you are a VIP in these casinos from the moment you enter its imaginary doors. Here the bonuses are oriented for those who make considerable deposits. If the moderate casino bonuses of $20, $50 and $100 are not for you, you may take advantage of large bonuses at top-rated High Roller casinos. However, these bonuses are felt only if the amount of the deposit is big enough.

Referral Casino Bonus

It is a part of online casinos? strategy of attracting players. This bonus is granted to those who have invited a friend to the online gambling house. After a newcomer of yours has opened an account and made an initial deposit, you are paid either a fixed amount, or a percentage of your friend?s first deposit.

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