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Casino Payouts

Online casino payout is a numerical value that is based on monthly casino statistics and as a rule computed by a third party auditing company. The online casino payout is a numerical factor which describes ratio between how much money people have won in online casino and amount of money kept by this casino for given month.

The online casino payout percentage is an important characteristic, indicating percentage of the money coming in ends up, received by the winning customers. It is worthy of notice as the bigger payout number is, the more advantage there is for you. This criterion is linked with the odds of winning - at casinos with a high payout number they are better, then the ones at a casinos with a lower payout number.

For example: Let casino payout equal 97.56% and let us assume that all players have gambled away 1,000,000 $ at this casino in total. In that case $975,600 was won back or returned to the players in a different way, leaving the casino with $24,400 in all.

Please note that online casino payouts are very significant aspect you need to consider when you choose an online casino. Of course, there are many other sides you need to consider before playing online. It would be a good thing to keep in mind such important things like casino certification, technical support, quality of online casino software, payment options and other casino features. Casino payout rates can be crucial to your odds of winning and you will be able to make your own estimates and conclusions about quality of an online casino. But you have to make sure that your payout figures were derived from actual statistics and were verified by well-known auditing company like PriceWaterhouseCooper or Online Players Association.

The well-known consulting & auditing company PriceWaterhouseCoopers checks the game results and statistics of many known online casinos. Evidential matter updates every month and as a result company makes auditor's conclusion. Evidential matter includes a lot of different activities and characteristics. Online casino payout is one of them. Casino payout value can be adduced for Online Casino as a whole and for single games in particular. We have maked an effort to gather data about casino payouts from different sources. You can see the result of our modest effort below:

Recommended Casinos

% for All Games % for Slot Games % for Table Games % for Poker Games Software
Lucky Nugget 96.64% 95.49% 98.12% 98.83% Microgaming
River Belle Casino 97.23% 96.15% 97.82% 98.80% Microgaming
Jackpot City Casino 97.04% 96.54% 97.23% 98.15% Microgaming
Gaming Club 96.64% 95.16% 98.12% 98.70% Microgaming
Slots Royale 97.52% 97.42% 95.36% 99.41% Microgaming
Captain Cooks Casino 97.36% 95.10% 98.85% 98.74% Microgaming
Golden Tiger Casino 97.38% 95.77% 98.67% 98.93% Microgaming
Grand Online Casino 99.20% 98.92% 98.88% 99.82% Playtech
Golden Palace Casino 98.99% 98.78% 98.23% 99.12% Playtech
Flamingo Club Casino 98.87% 99.01% 97.69% 98.74% Playtech
24kt Gold Casino 98.55% 98.30% 98.72% 99.03% Playtech
Aspinalls Casino 98.39% 98.54% 97.89% 98.99% Playtech
777 dragon Casino 98.10% 97.78% 97.46% 99.82% Microgaming
Arthurian Casino 97.33% 94.97% 98.55% 101.95% Microgaming
Blackjack Ballroom 97.99% 95.66% 99.21% 98.72% Microgaming
Casino Kingdom 96.64% 95.54% 97.11% 97.08% Microgaming
Casino US 97.10% 95.71% 95.59% 100.15% Microgaming
Cinema Casino 97.68% 96.7% 97.06% 100.02% Microgaming
Crazy Vegas Casino 96.95% 95.67% 96.54% 99.47% Microgaming
Lucky Emperor Casino 97.93% 98.01% 98.05% 97.81% Microgaming
Maple Casino 96.73% 95.21% 97.63% 98.71% Microgaming
Sun Vegas 97.62% 96.06% 99.91% 100.06% Microgaming
Virtual City Casino 97.32% 97.02% 97.16% 98.31% Microgaming
Yukon Gold 96.01% 94.47% 97.54% 97.65% Microgaming
Royal Vegas Casino 97.61% 96.28% 99.24% 98.22% Microgaming
Havana Club 98.84% 98.22% 97.44% 101.14% Microgaming
Fortune Room Casino 96.65% 96.38% 98.24% 96.73% Microgaming
7 Sultans Casino 96.45% 95.39% 97.04% 98.94% Microgaming
Aces High Casino 97.61% 95.80% 99.27% 97.39% Microgaming
Lucky Emperor Casino 97.93% 98.01% 98.05% 97.81% Microgaming
Miami Paradise Casino 95.93% 93.00% 99.28% 97.19% Microgaming
Mummy's Gold 97.27% 95.42% 99.52% 97.48% Microgaming
River Nile Casino 98.61% 96.07% 100.38% 97.76% Microgaming
Royal Vegas Casino 97.61% 96.28% 99.24% 98.22% Microgaming
Spin Palace Casino 97.01% 96.37% 97.89% 98.82% Microgaming
Strike it Lucky 94.96% 94.05% 103.63% 91.88% Microgaming

And please remember that online casino payouts are just statistical values. So don't try to predict anything about your game result using this numbers.

by Andrew Foxman

Note : Please read our terms of use before syndicating or reproducing our site material. If you want to reproduce, publish or syndicate this article please contact me.

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