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Eastern Europe Casinos

Have you heard anything about gambling facilities in Eastern Europe? There are 18 countries that have casino gambling, with Russia having the most. The largest casino is located in Slovenia and in Poland one can find up to 20 poker rooms. Casinos seem to be prevalent, but pari-mutuel gambling including greyhounds and horse racing are present too. There is no shortage of poker in Eastern Europe - you can easily find local hunt to play a game of Texas Hold?em

Russian Federation with wore than a hundred casinos in about thirty cities offers great opportunities for poker players to enjoy gambling. It would be crazy not to take the advantage from providing a venue for the game, when poker is rapidly turning into international popular pastime. Russian poker players mostly prefer Stud poker and Hold?em poker. If on a poker tour you found yourself in Russia, don?t miss a chance to enjoy poker games in Moscow.

Besides Russia there are some other hot spots for playing poker in Eastern Europe. For instance in Budapest, which is Hungary, Caribbean Stud Poker is extremely popular, as well as other variations of the game. Lithuania in its turn also deserves including into your poker tour around East Europe. Such cities as Vilnius have plenty of poker gaming facilities an are real casino hot spots.

As the poker popularity is rapidly growing all over the world, Eastern Europe offers all possible poker-playing opportunities for gamblers. The list of venues is too long to mention them all. If you enjoy traveling and poker, a trip to East Europe would be a great idea.

Active lottery systems are also present throughout Eastern European countries.

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