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About Keno

Keno descends from a form of Bingo or Lotto and is a very popular gambling game in the United States . The history of Keno can be traced back to a game played in China called ?The Game of the White Dove? established during the Han Dynasty 187 BC. ?Keno? has been known to be played like a bingo like format in the eastern states prior to the arrival of Chinese during the gold rush. In the late 1800?s the name appears to have been changed to a similar format of Chinese lottery.

History of Keno

The game of Keno has been around since 187 BC it was first introduced by Cheung leung. The city of Han Dynasty was facing hard times and supplies were beginning to fail, worried sick on how to increase the money and to urge the people to give more to the army Hense established a game of chance. He had hoped to entice the people to take a chance on their property. The game was held two times a day both men and women alike tried their luck by guessing. The game was opened for ten days until Hense accumulated more than 1000 pieces of silver. The money that was gained was contributed to the army for the reduction of the empire?

The people practice the game as a profession at this present time. They borrow the character from the Thousand Character Classic; only eighty are chosen and arranged after a new plan. Ten characters form one division. People are allowed to buy more or less.

When the game of keno was first introduced, the houses were often a great distance away. Communication was limited and difficult for people but these people were anxious to know whether they gained or lost. To get the results they employed letter-carrying doves that would carry the news to the parties and back again, this was known as ?The Game of the White Dove?.

Modern Keno

Keno is compared to a lottery or bingo game since it is a number game. Keno unlike bingo the player picks his or her numbers. The game of Keno has 80 numbers upon which the player can pick as many or as few numbers as they wish. The player picks the numbers by circling or marking them with a pencil. After the numbers are picked the player must bring the card back to the clerk at the keno booth. The clerk will issue a receipt recording the player?s number.

After recording your numbers at the keno booth, you will watch the ?big board? or a video monitor where the numbers light up showing the numbers selected. You will mark the numbers on your card with a brightly colored marker. The winning ticket should be turn into the keno booth. The amount of money that will be paid out is determined by the amount of players in the game. Your ticket will be void if you try to redeem a winning ticket after the next game has started and no money will be paid out.

Purchasing a ?multi-race? ticket or a ?stray and play? ticket to avoid having your ticket becoming void. The multi-race ticket is multiple tickets (2 to 20) with the same numbers picked. The other option is the stray and play, this is where you are purchasing an amount of cards greater than 30 this type of ticket is good for up to a year after purchase.

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