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About Poker

Poker is one of the most popular card games played both online and offline. Almost everyone has enjoyed a game of poker. As with any game, there is an objective behind the gathering of all those cards into your hand. The object of winning the game of Poker is having the best combination of cards at the end of a game.

When playing poker you are required to make wagers while keeping your cards hidden from the other players. All the money collected from the wagers of all the players goes in to a pot that is awarded to the player remaining in the game with the best hand of cards. It is a simple game to learn for almost anyone. There is also a version of video poker, which is found in casinos across the world. Video Poker is played much like slot machines and are entertaining as well. Video poker is sometimes also called just poker.

In order to play poker, you need to learn the basic rules and procedures of the game so you can stay in the game as long as possible. You need to learn the values of the various combinations of cards, and the rules on how to bet so you aren?t frustrated. There are different forms of poker such as stud poker, red-dog poker, draw poker, community card poker and other various poker games. The most commonly played games of the first three categories are five-card draw, seven-card stud and Texas holder. All these games are similar in the way they are played however, with the basic rules of the game similar, and everyone has their own preference to which game is their favorite.

History of Poker

The history of poker is not one that is really clear. There are some conflicts about where the game of poker came from. The object of the game came from the French country but it is not clear where the origins of poker itself lies as it is seen through history in so many different ways. Poker resembles the Persian game of nas, and may have been taught to French settlers in New Orleans by Persian sailors. This history also share some Renaissance history with the game of primero and the French brelan. So you can see where the confusion lies in the history of poker. It is believed that the earlier games influenced the development of poker, as it exists now as it was an evolving game, one that changed over the years.

There once was an English actor Joseph Crowell who reported that the game was played in New Orleans in 1829 with a deck of twenty cards. There were four players betting on which of the player?s hand was the most valuable so betting was going on all over the table. Gambling was known as a common pastime for many on the Mississippi riverboats where there was much other to do in that time of history.

Not long after when poker was seen on the river boats, the 52-card English deck was invented and the flush was introduced and added to the game of poker. Around the time of the American Civil War, many additions were made, including draw poker, stud poker, and the straight. The game of poker was evolving to meet the ongoing entertainment needs of people everywhere. More American updates were added like the wild card, lowball and split-pot poker which make the game even more exciting. The news of the new poker spread to other countries, particularly in Asia , and it connected to the U.S. military. The history of poker can be followed like a timeline.

The game and talk of poker has become important to American culture and English culture. Phrases like ace in the hole, beats me, blue chip, call your bluff, cash in, pass the buck, and poker face. These terms are used in everyday poker games around the world and have become part of the game.

The popularity of the game of poker has increased in the recent years, due to the introduction of poker online and in invention of the hole-card camera, which finally turned the game into a spectator sport. It is hard for viewers to follow the action and intense drama of the game so this spectator sport was one that was not actually all that popular.

Poker Game Play

Poker is played in hundreds of different forms; however, the following applies to the basic poker game. What this means is poker is found to be played in different ways around the world, just like there are accents in how people speak and talk.

According to the game rules of poker, one or more players may be required to place an initial amount of money into the pot before the cards are dealt. The money put in initially is called the ante or the pot. These are called forced bets and come in three different forms, antes, blinds, and bring-ins. This makes the game more exciting and raises the stakes, the amount of money needed to play poker.

Before each game of poker, the dealer shuffles the deck of cards. What happens next is the deck in then cut, and the appropriate number of cards is dealt face down to all the players so no one can see any other players cards. In a casino, a house dealer handles the cards for each hand and for each player, and a button is rotated among the players to determine the order of how the cards are dealt so no one is given the first card all the time when sitting at the same table. With at home games, the right to deal the cards rotates in a clockwise rotation among the players, sometimes the players will take turns dealing the cards so no one is always the dealer.

Next in the game of poker, after the deal, the betting begins. There can be many rounds of betting and during this time, each player?s hand develops in different ways. You are not stuck with the same cards at any point in the game until the final bets. Additional cards are dealt replacing the previous cards that are dealt with you putting the cards you don?t want in the middle of the table with you new cards being put into your hand. During betting, there will be a current bet amount, which is the total amount of money bet in this round by the player who bet last in this round. It is smart for the players to not place bets directly into the pot in return placing them in front of themselves toward the pot until the betting round is over. At this point, the bets are gathered into the pot and then it will be given to the winner of the hand.

After the first betting round is completed in the game of poker, there may be more rounds in which more cards are dealt in various ways, which is part of the fun and differences involved in the game of poker. The first round is followed by further rounds of betting. At any time during the first or subsequent betting rounds, if just one player makes a bet and all other players fold, this is when the deal ends, and then the single remaining player is awarded the pot which is all the money in the center of the table and no cards are shown, no more rounds are dealt, and the next deal begins. This is what makes it possible to bluff because no one else can see the cards that anyone else has during this time of betting.

At the end of the last betting round, if more than one player remains, there is what is known as a showdown in which the players reveal their hidden cards and go over their hands. Those who are still in the game are going over their cards to determine who has the winning hand. The player with the best hand in the game wins the game and the money that has been continually bet during the game which can add up to be quite a bit sometimes.

Poker Variants

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