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Roulette rules

The layout of the roulette table consists of a circular table that has red and black slots for the numbers and green slots for the zeros. Some newer forms of US roulette substitute the double zero for an American eagle which also comes in a green slot. The point of the game is to bet on the winning number. Players have a chance to make one or several bets on any number they like including the zeros, these are called inside bets. Outside bets are bets that wage on whether the winning number is going to be a black slot or a red slot, or whether it will end up even or odd, etc. All types of bets have a payout odd on probability and should be confirmed before betting. There are limits to betting at the roulette table and most of them post a minimum and maximum bet for each round per player.

The number of bets a player can make includes all inner and outer bets. Each player has a time limit on placing bets and once the dealer calls no more bets, no player is allowed to change, cancel or make any new bets until a winner has been chosen for that round. There can be up to 8 players in each game and once all bets are placed the dealer or the croupier as it is called (representing the House) will spin the wheel in one direction and drop the ball in the opposite direction to have it spin around the tilted surface until it lands in a slot and the wheel stops turning. Once the winner is chosen and all other bets are removed, new bets can be placed while the dealer hands out winnings to the lucky player. Bets are placed with different color chips for each player to avoid confusion when a winner is to be chosen. The winner will then give up the winning colored chips for cash chips that hold their number value on the front and are divided by colors. The winner must leave the table and go to the cash desk and turn in the cash chips in order to be able to receive real money.

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