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About Slots

The slot machines are known by several different names. Slot machines are also known as slots, slot machine, poker machine or the fruit machine and also the one armed bandit. When using the term slot machine, this is American English. When using the term poker machine, this is Australian English. In addition, if you like the term fruit machine, this is British English. A slot machine generally is a machine, which is coin, operated, a play puts coins in the slot, and pulls a lever, and then the reels will rotate.

The slot machine includes mechanisms that are known as a currency detector so the gambler must put real money into the machine. If a gambler would put a piece of metal into the machine that is not a real coin the machine will not work, and the game can not be played. The slot machine is called the one armed bandit because of the one lever that is on the machine.

The reels will line up when the lever is pulled, showing the symbols, patterns or colors on the front of the machine where the player is standing. As the symbols, patterns or colors line up in certain arrangements the gambler will win based on the amount bet. With the urging of technology, the slot machine has changed somewhat, with the acceptance of bills or coins, and with the use of buttons on the front of the machine, which can be pressed to play, is the gambler does not want to use the lever.

History of Slots

The history of the slot machine can be seen late in the 1800?s. In the year of 1895 Charles Fey of California invented the first slot machine. This first slot machine had a special name, which was the Liberty Bell. The first slot machine had the symbols of hearts, spades, diamonds and liberty bells that were pictured as cracked. To win on this first slot machine the gambler would play until the symbols of the cracked liberty bells were shown, which is where the largest payoffs possible would occur. During this first era of the slot machine, the largest payoff possible was ten nickels which was a large sum of money for that time in history.

Another of the first slot machines included the use of fruit or bars. With a combination of symbols the slot machine has evolved to include the use of colors, pictures and even numbers with the lucky number seven appearing on many slot machines and needed for the largest payouts.

The first electronic slot machine was created in the mid years of 1960 by a man named Bally who used symbols and bar symbols that were representative of the Bell Fruit Gum company. The first electronic slot machines were referred to by the name of Money Honey.

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